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~ Sunday, May 6 ~

Photoshop Battle Round 1!

secretsunday and I are old buddies, whose relationship relied (especially during the later years when she became cool and I became…me) somewhat heavily on our love for photoshop and its dark corners of great wonders.

Now, for nostalgia sake, we show how much we evolved (or, as secretsunday’s Sam corrected: devolved) as a person by going back and reliving the old days (only to realise that little have changed, other than our screenname).

Round 1; Cheesy melancholic poster, preferably one about lost love or other sources of angst young adults masochistically spend time seeking and indulging in.

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    Obviously I forgot the melancholy bit. I got smashed by Levi in this round. I’ll round up the troops (read: stocks) and...
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